The Different Types of Tooth Cracks

Teeth are tough and durable. However, it is still possible for them to be cracked or fractured from a fall, an impact, a blow to the face, or other types of stress or trauma. If your teeth have issues such as previous injury, deep untreated tooth decay, or structurally compromised metal fillings, your risk to develop cracked teeth is high.


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How to Smile like Your Favorite Celebrities?

Anyone would want to smile like their favorite celebrities, free from worries, and always camera-ready. How do they do it? If you are one of those people who have always dreamed of having a beautiful smile, good news! With the help of cosmetic dentistry treatments, this dream can be turned into reality.

Believe it or not, like regular people, celebrities…

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Root Canal: What to Expect and When to Get Help

Most people associate dental procedures to pain and discomfort. What they don't know is that the majority of the services offered under dentistry are actually painless. Besides, dental professionals are committed to providing the best oral care services while making sure that patients remain comfortable. The dentist also makes sure to cater to the needs of patients to alleviate any…

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Tips on How to Manage Dental Pain

Any type of pain is uncomfortable, even more so if the pain is surrounding the tooth. Imagine having to say no to your favorite dessert! What’s the point of eating all those delicious food if there is an unbearable, excruciating pain at every bite? No matter how tasty they are, the appeal is lost because of the pain. 

When experiencing dental pain,…

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Want to Give Teeth Whitening a Go? Here Are the Things to Know First

Nowadays, one of the most popular procedures people undergo is teeth whitening. Who wouldn’t want to achieve a bright, white smile that is comparable to models and celebrities, right? Can’t help but smile at the thought of getting the smile of your dreams? Well, then let’s get started.

At Ambler Dental Care, we know that a lot of people desire to lighten…

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Celebrities with the Sexiest Smiles and Their Secrets - Ambler, PA

Even famous stars on TV are convinced that the smile is the sexiest curve on the human body. Well, we couldn't agree more! Almost a majority of celebrities nowadays seek professional assistance to enhance their pearly whites. Literally ‘putting their money where their mouth is’ is not much of a big deal as long as they get what they paid for. Below are some of the personalities in…

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Gum Disease and What You Can Do About It in Ambler, PA

When gum disease hits, you should not think twice about asking the dentist’s help. This oral problem may not be bothering that much during its early stage, but when it progresses, you will be left with nothing but compromised oral health, tooth loss—and regrets. Taking action to treat the primary form of periodontal disease is necessary. Aside from the idea of running to the dental…

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The Guideline for Proper Denture Care - Ambler, PA

Dentures served and continue to serve as the ideal teeth restoration for years now. In the past, ancient people used their wits to create their takes of the appliance to find a solution for tooth loss. Although their methods were not the most practical, let alone hygienic, it is thanks to them that modern people get to enjoy their renewed smiles.


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The Guide to an Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign! - Ambler, PA

Anyone would love to have a beautiful and healthy looking smile; however, some factors can cause a person to feel less confident with theirs. It may be due to teeth imperfections that have been bothering them like malocclusions and misalignments. In today’s society, looking good is a significant advantage to everything, for instance, in social, romantic, and even professional relationships.

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