Treatment for Gum Disease in Blue Bell

Your gums are an important part of your oral health. Gum disease is prevalent among adults over thirty and can put your health at risk. Not only is gum or periodontal disease the leading cause of tooth loss, it can put you at risk for serious health problems like stroke, pregnancy complications and type 2 diabetes. If you live in Blue Bell and have gum disease, treatment is available nearby at Ambler Dental Care.

Gum disease is a progressive infection of the gums that can cause bone and tissue loss in the mouth. The bacteria that cause this disease can inflame the gums and enter the bloodstream, affecting other systems in the body. Treatment is available that can stop the progression of this disease. Deep cleanings paired with medications and oral home care can rid the gums of this infection, allowing them to heal and regain their healthy state. Our team has advanced techniques and technology to give you the best options to fight and win the battle against gum disease.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease begins slowly. The bacteria that are attracted to food debris left in the mouth after eating thrive when not removed with brushing or flossing. These bacteria create plaque, the sticky substance that coats the teeth. If not completely removed, plaque hardens into tartar deposits that begin irritating the gums and spreading infection.

The first signs of gum disease are red, swollen gums that bleed easily. Many people with the early stage of periodontal disease will notice blood in their spit after brushing or tenderness in the gum area. When caught in these early stages, gum disease is very treatable and can be reversed.

There is treatment for gum disease near Blue Bell. Contact Amber Dental Care to schedule a checkup and cleaning to begin your journey to renewed gum and oral health.

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