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Even famous stars on TV are convinced that the smile is the sexiest curve on the human body. Well, we couldn’t agree more! Almost a majority of celebrities nowadays seek professional assistance to enhance their pearly whites. Literally ‘putting their money where their mouth is’ is not much of a big deal as long as they get what they paid for. Below are some of the personalities in Hollywood who owe their sexiest smiles to cosmetic dentistry.

Celebs Who Thank Cosmetic Dentistry For Their Smiles

Julia Roberts

Born with an already perfect smile, your Pretty Woman Julia Roberts went the extra mile by boosting her asset even more through cosmetic dentistry. The dentist granted the star’s request to lengthen and straighten her pearly whites with prostheses called veneers. What is a dental veneer? Here are some quick facts about it:

  • Veneers are durable shell-like prostheses used to conceal teeth imperfections.
  • They can fix chips, discolorations, crookedness, gaps, and slight misalignments.
  • Porcelain veneers cannot get stained.
  • The prostheses can last for up to ten years if proper aftercare is performed.
  • Many celebrities have veneers in their mouths!

Hilary Swank

This Oscar winner confidently shows her beautiful smile on and off cam despite being tagged as someone with ‘Chiclet Teeth’. Hilary Swank didn’t receive any dental procedure to mend her slightly oversized teeth. Instead, she enhanced them even more by investing in teeth whitening. It is a popular cosmetic dental procedure that is sought-after by those in the stardom and even regular people.

Hilary Duff

The biggest lesson Hilary Duff probably learned after an awful incident in 2005 where she chipped her veneered pearly white was this: Choose a cosmetic dentist that knows how to consider everything—from the shape of the face to the patient’s personality—before placing the veneers. In the case of Hilary Duff, her dentist failed to tailor the veneers according to the shape and size of her head. The result? She ended up damaging her smile enhancer. But it was easily remedied through the second set of veneers. Today, her smile looked more natural and pleasing than before.

The smile is the sexiest outfit that you can wear. Like these notable individuals mentioned above, you too can get the grin that you always wished to have. The key is to visit us at Ambler Dental Care for cosmetic dentistry services.

Our office at  Ambler Dental Care has a vast array of Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Ambler, PA waiting for you! If you are ready to makeover your smile, visit us now!

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