Clean Your Teeth Like A Dentist in Ambler, PA

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Good oral health care is the first step in achieving a healthy lifestyle. A cleaner mouth and teeth begin with proper oral hygiene. Our mouth, as well as our teeth, like your daily skincare regimen, have regular cleaning routine too. Since our oral health affects our overall health, it is important not to neglect the correct way of cleaning them.

Amber Dental Care offers Cleanings & Checkups services for patients who want to ensure cleaner teeth. Our relaxed and comfortable environment will help patients receive the optimum care that they deserve.

Practicing good oral care is vital. Here are ways on how to achieve your daily oral care routine:

It starts with brushing. Brush your teeth every after a meal but wait for half an hour before brushing to avoid tooth enamel damage. Take your time when brushing!

Spend at least 2 minutes to let your mouth and teeth receive an optimum cleaning process. To properly brush your teeth, angled your toothbrush 45 degrees to your gums, gently move your brush back and forth, including the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of the teeth when brushing, and do not forget to clean your tongue to eliminate bacterias that stick into it. Choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush is ideal to avoid gum bleeding and thinning of tooth enamel. Pick a tube of toothpaste that contains fluoride to fight cavities.

Floss after toothbrush. Some people thought brushing alone could deliver them a bacteria-free mouth and teeth, but unfortunately, there are some areas of the teeth that might be hard to reach and cleaned by brushing it only. Floss is used in eliminating the food stuck in the spaces between the teeth. The absence of flossing might cause bacteria build-up that soon becomes the cause of oral irregularities such as bad breath. Today, there are wide varieties of floss sold in the market that is not just effective in removing plaque but is also fun and exciting to use like those flavored floss.
If you want to make your flossing a more enjoyable and fancy experience, you can opt for flavored floss, flavors such as cupcakes, banana, and even bacon are available.

Mouthwash for extra-cleaning. Now that you are done with brushing and flossing, it is important to rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash for extra cleaning to eliminate stubborn food debris. It does not only gives you a cleaner mouth, but it also remineralizes the teeth.

Get healthy and cavity-free teeth! Book your Cleanings & Checkups appointment in Ambler with Amber Dental Care. We are located at 602 South Bethlehem Pike, Suite C-2, Ambler, PA 19002.

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