Composite Fillings

At Ambler Dental Care, we offer composite fillings that match the color of your teeth. These strong fillings are almost impossible to see, helping you hide any dental repairs you need done. Some patients even have their old amalgam fillings removed and replaced with white composite fillings to improve the look of their smile. Even molars can often use white fillings, keeping your teeth looking natural when you are talking or laughing.

What is a Composite Resin?

There are different types of composite resin available, most using ceramic, plastic and glass to make a durable filling substance. Composite fillings are usually applied in layers to fill areas where cavities have been removed or to repair broken teeth. A special light is used to dry and harden each layer as it is applied, creating a durable surface. The composite resin is then sanded and smoothed to match the surface of the tooth for a natural finish.

If you have teeth with silver fillings that you want replaced or have a cavity that needs to be filled, Ambler Dental Care has beautiful composite fillings. Your dental repairs can be hidden from view behind this natural, tooth-colored filling material that is matched to your teeth. You don’t need to live with a mouth full of metal just because you needed dental work. Contact us today and ask about our composite fillings at your next appointment.

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