If you are looking to be part of a team that takes dental care to a whole new level, consider Ambler Dental Care. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the state-of-the-art dental services are patients need, with the compassionate and personalized care they deserve.

Dr. Jashank Sampat leads our dental team as a skilled and experienced dentist who is dedicated to continually improving our practice and serving our patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer.


Dental Assistants

If you are drawn to the dental field and enjoy helping others, dental assisting may be the right vocation for you. Because patient care is paramount at Ambler Dental Care, dental assistants play a key role in our practice. They help appointments run smoothly, assist the dentist with procedures and ensure patients have an overall positive experience while in the dental chair. At Ambler Dental Care, we seek qualified dental assistants who carry compassion, good listening skills and a keen awareness of what the patient needs to be comfortable and informed throughout their appointment.

Front Office

For most patients visiting Ambler Dental Care, it is the front office staff that makes the first and strongest impression. Therefore, we place great value in hiring individuals who will take pride in their front office position and display a passion to make patients feel at ease as soon as they walk in our doors. A front office team member must be knowledgeable about our practice, have strong organizational skills and be able to communicate to others in a warm, friendly manner at all times.


As a dental provider, you can have a dramatic impact in a person's health as well as their quality of life. Ambler Dental Care is dedicated to providing a place that skilled providers can thrive. We adhere to the highest standards of patient care and invest in the latest dental technology available. Not only is our practice a place where patients can be at ease, it is also an environment that our staff members enjoy working in.

If you are seeking employment at a top ranked dental practice in the Ambler area, please explore our options at Ambler Dental Care. We are happy to provide more detailed information about the positions that we currently have available.

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