For centuries, dentures have been used as a restorative dentistry treatment to replace missing teeth. As far back as 700 B.C., people have used bones, animal teeth and even wood to create dental prosthetics. Luckily for people today, the dentures available are much more comfortable and natural looking than ever before. At Ambler Dental Care, we offer beautifully crafted partial and full dentures to restore our patients' complete smiles.

Full & Complete Dentures

For those that have lost all their teeth on either the top, bottom or both, full or complete dentures are a solution. Full dentures replace the teeth on the bottom or top of the mouth, while complete dentures do both. At Ambler Dental Care, we create customized dentures that fit comfortably and restore your ability to eat, smile and talk like you did when you had all your natural teeth. Plus, having dentures in place can make you look years younger by giving support to your facial muscles. You will love the way you look and how it feels to have functional teeth again.

Partial Dentures

Often times, full or complete dentures are not necessary. Many people have only lost a few of their teeth and do not require a complete set. Partial dentures fill in those few missing teeth and create a complete smile again. These are a great option for those who want to improve their appearance and get back to eating all the foods they love, yet are not good candidates for dental implants or dental bridges.

If you are missing some or all of your teeth, let our experienced team at Ambler Dental Care provide you with a new, beautiful smile with our denture options. Contact our office today for an appointment to discuss the best solution to meet your restorative dental needs.

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