Treatment for Gum Disease

The cornerstone of your oral health and beautiful smile is your gums. While you brush and floss your teeth, it is your gums that are protected through the removal of food, bacteria and plaque through good oral hygiene. But even with good home oral hygiene habits and general dental care, it is possible to begin to have gum disease that can affect your oral and overall health. At Ambler Dental Care, we help our patients in Ambler, Blue Bell, Horsham and the surrounding communtities prevent and treat gum disease for optimal health.

Did you know that gum disease can lead to tooth loss and many other serious health issues? It is not just your teeth that are at risk. Gum disease, if left unchecked, can become serious periodontitis that can put you at risk for health problems such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular issues and pregnancy complications.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease starts with the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth from leftover food particles that feed these tiny organisms. If bacteria are not cleaned away through brushing and flossing, they form into a thick paste called plaque. If the plaque is not completely removed through your regular oral hygiene routine, it hardens into tartar. This progression of buildup causes irritation and lead to inflamed, red swollen gums.

Most people will notice the symptoms of gum disease or gingivitis when their gums begin to be tender and inflamed. Often the gums will bleed easily, especially when brushing, flossing or eating certain foods. This is cause for concern and should alert you to call Ambler Dental Care for a checkup and cleaning.

The good news is that mild to moderate gum disease can be treated and often reversed. Through thorough cleanings, we can remove tartar buildup that is irritating your gums and give you home care options to help fight infection and heal your gums. With regular home care and continuous professional cleanings, we can fight gum disease together, protecting your smile and your health. Contact Ambler Dental Care today to schedule a consultation about your gums.

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