Tooth Pain Relief Horsham, PA

The discomfort felt from an infected or damaged tooth can bring a halt to all activities. Such pain can be difficult to manage unless the cause is eliminated. At Ambler Dental Care in Horsham, PA, our dental professionals will extinguish the pain by finding the source and addressing the problem. Tooth pain ranges from mildly annoying to outright debilitating. Finding the cause and treating it provides relief and restores your well-being. Neglecting the symptoms will only result in further discomfort and could lead to serious health complications.

Finding the sore tooth and the reason why it is sore are sometimes two different things; but not always. When you are suffering from tooth pain, call us for an appointment. We will examine the area, find the sore tooth and deliver the most appropriate solution. We will find the origin of your pain and discuss with you the treatment that will give you the best results.

Tooth pain can be the result of anything from a popcorn hull stuck between the gum and tooth, to a crack or break, or severe infection and abscess. The importance of finding the exact cause and treating it appropriately cannot be stressed enough. An infected tooth may need root canal therapy or extraction. Left neglected it could lead to major health problems. Impacted wisdom teeth can also be a source of pain and will need to be extracted.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Millions of people across the nation suffer from varying degrees of jaw pain. For some, it is a mild annoyance that occurs occasionally. Others may experience severe aching accompanied with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. The most common cause for jaw pain is clenching and grinding the teeth, especially during sleep. The grinding is also known as bruxism. Treatment often is as simple as wearing a nightguard while sleeping.

This oral appliance is custom made to fit your upper and lower sets of teeth and prevents them from touching while you sleep. Some nightguards are cushioned while others are not. They provide a comfortable rest while impeding the clenching that is putting additional stress and strain on your jaw muscles.

There are other sources for jaw pain as well. Arthritis in the jaw joint may be treated with NSAIDs. Other problems such as wisdom tooth impaction, injury to the muscle or tissues, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) require an adequate diagnosis for appropriate treatment.

If you are experiencing jaw or tooth pain, be sure to make an appointment as soon as possible with Ambler Dental Care in Horsham, PA. The source of your problem will be determined and handled with care and compassion. When you're in pain, consideration of your discomfort and a gentle touch are much appreciated. At Ambler, in addition to superior care, one of our top priorities is your comfort. Contact us today for an appointment to relieve your pain.

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