Do you want straight, aligned teeth, but hate the thought of wearing braces for years? There are other orthodontic options that can effectively align your teeth without the need for metal braces. Ambler Dental Care offers comfortable, discrete Invisalign orthodontics to patients in Ambler, Blue Bell, Horsham and the surrounding area that can shift your teeth into place comfortably and discretely.

Clear Dental Aligners

Invisalign works like braces but instead of metal wires and brackets that are very visible and uncomfortable, it uses clear dental aligners. These aligners are made from clear plastic that are custom designed for your teeth and fit right over the top of them. They are almost impossible to see when you are wearing them, making them perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth without wearing embarrassing braces. The aligners gently shift the teeth into place, employing a progressive change in the aligners every few weeks.

Besides being almost invisible, Invisalign aligners are also comfortable and removable. Unlike braces, you can take them off so you can eat any of the foods you love, brush and floss your teeth, then pop them back in again.

Invisalign Teen

When Invisalign first became available, it was only for adults needing orthodontic treatment. Now there is Invisalign Teen, giving the same aesthetic options for those younger patients. They can still get the orthodontic treatment they need to correct misaligned teeth, yet not have the metal braces that most teens don’t want on their teeth. They can eat the sticky foods they love and keep up their oral hygiene, all with clear, discrete aligners.

Invisalign Teen

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