Teeth Lessons From Elephants

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When looking for inspiration to keep your teeth healthy and clean, it’s a good idea to search nature.  Have you even visited a zoo, or been on a safari and considered the elephant’s teeth?  We can learn dental lessons about our dental appearance from elephants.

Elephants go through six sets of nine-pound teeth during their lifetimes, with new teeth growing in to replace old ones that have worn out.  They start out with two front teeth that fall out after about a year and are replaced by a set of ivory tusks, which grow about 5 inches per year.  When polished and kept clean, they are rumored to be very attractive to other elephants.

Lesson learned here:  Visit your dentist to keep your pearly whites polished and whitened and you may be very attractive to others as well!

After their tusks grow in, the elephant grows a pair of teeth in the back of their mouth.  As these large grinding molars begin to wear out, they move forward toward the front of the elephant’s mouth.  As they move forward, new molars come in at the back of their mouth.  An elephant may grow up to 24 of these teeth.  They can have four sets of teeth at any given time.

Lesson learned here:  Unlike the elephant, your permanent teeth do not keep replacing themselves.  But, Ambler Dental Care offers options such as dental bridges, Invisalign and porcelain veneers to improve the areas of your teeth landscape that are missing, or not just right for you.

Visit Ambler Dental Care to discover all that we offer for your optimal dental appearance.

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