The Tale Of Two Missing Teeth

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Once upon a time there were two kings who lived in far away lands. They each ruled their kingdoms kindly and fairly. All of the people in their lands loved them dearly. The one king lived in a land called Sugarland, filled with trees with gumdrops and lollipops. The other king lived in a land called Sportland, filled with sports of all sorts, the rough and tumble types.

Both kings partook in all of the festivities of their peoples. Sadly, the activities they engaged in forced each one to lose a tooth, right in the front of their mouth. This appearance was not very “kingly.” A toothless smile for a king would not suit either one of the kings.

Sugarland had a dentist that resided there that told his king that unfortunately he would need to live out the rest of his reign with a toothless smile. This made Sugarland’s king very sad, and he decided to step down from the throne and eat lollipops and gumdrops the remainder of his life.

Sportland had a dentist that resided there that told his king some very good news. He told the king about a new innovative way to replace missing teeth in his mouth. The dentist explained what a dental implant was. The king chose to trust his beloved dentist and have an implant placed in his mouth.  His smile was renewed back to his original grand and very kingly smile and everyone in the land of Sportland lived happily ever after!

At Ambler Dental, we can offer you a story of happily ever after with your smile. If you’re missing teeth, we can discuss placing an implant for you. Call and book your appointment with us today.

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