Are Dental Implants Really Worth It? – Ambler, PA

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Tooth loss can occur due to a variety of factors. It may be because of an injury, extraction, gum disease, poor oral hygiene, bad habits, or poor nutrition. If proper measures are taken it can be prevented; however, it can sometimes be inevitable. In this case, we at Ambler Dental Care got you covered! We offer one of the sought-after dental restoration option that more than 3 million in the U.S alone have benefited from and this number is expected to increase by 500,000 each year – Dental Implants!

To make everything clear, a dental implant is not the tooth replacement; it is a screw-like device made of titanium. The device would be surgically placed on the jaw bone to serve as the replacement for the lost roots. And to complete the restoration, prostheses like dental crowns, bridges, or dentures will be attached to the implants. Curious about the treatment? Let us help you consider it as the ideal solution to get your smile back. Here are the leading reasons to choose dental implants.

Durable and Long-lasting

Unlike other restorations that need replacements, with proper care and maintenance implants can last for a lifetime, therefore, making it a permanent solution for tooth loss. Patients are assured that implants are designed to withstand regular chewing forces, so they are free to eat any food they love.

Prevents the occurrence of bone loss

The teeth are the ones responsible in the stimulation of the jaw bone. That is why when tooth loss takes place; the bone is more likely to deteriorate gradually. The good news is, instead of just replacing the lost structures, implants can actually promote the growth of the bone. This process is referred to as, osseointegration.

Preserves surrounding healthy structures

Implants are placed on the site of missing teeth without disturbing any healthy structures, instead of filing down the enamel to make way for the appliance. It assures patients that their oral state is preserved as much as possible.

Cavity-free replacements

Dental implants can eliminate one factor that can put their oral health at risk – cavities. Since the appliance is made from durable and artificial materials, patients are assured that implants cannot be subjected to decay. However, proper care and hygiene should still be maintained for the sake of other oral structures that support the teeth.

Natural look

The prosthesis attached on the implants are designed to mimic the look of the natural teeth. If the patient still has any teeth left, dentists take these structures into consideration when creating the appliance.

Ready to give your smiles another chance? Let us at Ambler Dental Care help you restore your teeth’s function and overall appearance with the help of Dental Implants in Ambler, PA!

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