No More Silver Selfies

Ambler PA Cosmetic DentistryAhhhh…. the selfie! Ten years ago, if someone would have used that word, the people around them probably would have replied with a puzzled look of confusion. In 2013 is “selfie” became the “word of the year” and added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Nowadays we hear it, experience it and view them all-the-day-long! Everyone’s doing it! Children, adults, grandparents, and pets (with the help of their owners) all partake in the fun. No one can avoid them.

Speaking of avoiding selfies, do you want to? What is holding you back from wanting to post a close up on Facebook or Instagram? If you’re hesitant about a selfie due to your smile dissatisfaction, Ambler Dental Care has many solutions for you. Dr. Sampat wants to give you a brilliant smile that you are proud of!

Dr. Sampat utilizes dental technology called composite resin fillings. These fillings are durable and give you the option of having a tooth-colored filling for your tooth repairs and fillings. No more need for silver or amalgam fillings that revealed a speckled and silver smile and teeth. Your natural-looking composite resin fillings blend with your natural smile landscape, and hide the fact that your tooth was ever repaired.

So get ready for all of those selfie poses. Begin practicing them in the mirror. No more need to have a closed lip smile or hide behind another person or object. Boost your confidence level with composite fillings. At Ambler Dental Care, Dr. Sampat offers you this service and many other cosmetic services that will make your selfie game a strong game!

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