Adults Have Loose Teeth, Too

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When your children are young you can expect their baby teeth to come out in different ways. Biting an apple may extract one unexpectedly. A carefully crafted plan may be made, possibly involving string, a doorknob or a pair of pliers. These are all fun memories and stories to share from generation to generation. The memory none of us want to experience is when you have an adult loose tooth. This is always an unwanted surprise because, unlike a child that has a second set of teeth to come in, adults who lose a tooth have no back-up plan. So, what do you do if you have a loose tooth as an adult?

First, the reason you’re experiencing your loose tooth might vary. You may have experienced “primary occlusal trauma,” in which the teeth have experienced a prolonged excessive biting force beyond their tolerance. Habitual grinding or clenching of your teeth may cause this. “Secondary occlusal trauma” involves biting that is within normal range but the teeth can’t handle the stress due to degraded bone support and gum tissue detachment. Gum disease is one of the most common reasons for a loose tooth.

Second, once the reason for your adult loose tooth is determined, a plan must be made to help remedy the problem. For disease-based loose teeth, the tooth, roots and gums need cleaned of all plaque to reduce the infection and inflammation and to restore tissue health. You may also need an antibiotic to fight the bacteria below the gums. For the loose tooth, you may need to have the forces working against them reduced. The tooth may need to be reduced to lessen the biting force on the tooth and its opposing tooth’s biting surfaces. At times, a dental crown is necessary.

To prevent further loosening and damage you may need to utilize a night guard to reduce the effects of teeth grinding, or orthodontic treatment to help secure the teeth.  You will most likely need to treat the disease and refresh and renew your care and hygiene practices.

If you’re experiencing an adult loose tooth do not wait! See a doctor like Dr. Sampat at Ambler Dental Care right away. He will evaluate, treat and care for all of your dental needs, including your loose tooth.

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