Good News For Teeth – It’s National Nutrition Month

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National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. All of this is really good news for your teeth.

When thinking about dental care, most people focus on the importance of brushing, flossing, and dental visits. When speaking about nutrition in dental care, the focus is typically on lists of foods to avoid. Foods like candy and soda usually top the list for things to avoid for good dental care. You know to say “no” to most things sugary, but what should you say “yes” to for good dental care.

Say “yes” to fruits! Apples may be sweet but they’re high in fiber and water. Eating an apple produces saliva in your mouth, which rinses away bacteria and food particles. The texture of the apple also stimulates the gums.

Say “yes” to veggies! Carrots and Celery are full of fiber. The fibers can increase saliva production in your mouth, which reduces your risk of cavities. They are filled with antioxidants that give the health of your gums a boost.

Say “yes” to almonds! Almonds are great for your teeth because they are a good source of calcium and protein. They are also low in sugar, which is good for your teeth.

Say “yes” to dairy! Cheese and yogurt can lower the risk of tooth decay. They are high in calcium and protein, which are important to the strength and health of your teeth. Probiotics in yogurt are a big benefit to your health. It also benefits your gums because the good bacteria crowd out bacteria that cause cavities.

Say “yes” to leafy greens! These are full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth. They’re high in calcium, which builds your teeth’s enamel. The folic acid in them has numerous health benefits.

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