Tooth and Jaw Pain No More in Ambler, PA

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If a person experiences any pain, it is essential to know the cause than just taking care of the symptoms. By doing so, the best course of action can be performed for a more effective treatment.

We help our patients get the relief they need for their Tooth and Jaw Pain at Ambler Dental Care by offering procedures such as cracked tooth repairs, root canal therapy, and jaw pain treatments for relief. We make sure to provide effective diagnosis and treatments for the oral pain of our patients to not live with severe pain.

What is Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain or also know as toothache is due to the inflammation of the pulp which contains nerves that are very sensitive to pain. The oral pain felt can affect the patient’s chewing abilities, concentration, focus, and mood while performing their daily activities. Common causes of tooth pain are tooth decay, cavities, cracked tooth, abscessed tooth, impacted wisdom tooth, damaged dental prostheses, gum diseases, and more.

Quick treatments for Tooth pain

  • Rinse mouth with salt water – It can help remove food particles and debris left on the mouth which causes tooth pain. Salt is also an effective antiseptic that can reduce inflammation for better healing.
  • Over-the-counter relievers – While waiting for a dental appointment, taking OTC pain relievers can help an temporary alleviating pain and discomfort.
  • Use of a cold compress – Its application causes the blood vessels on the site to constrict making the pain bearable. Swelling and inflammation are also reduced by using a cold compress.
  • Visit a dental office for a checkup – Tooth pain may be a sign of a severe dental complication, and it is best to seek the assistance of a dental professional as early as possible.

What is jaw pain?

Jaw pain is an oral issue that can be caused by physical injury, bad bites, strain from excessive teeth grinding and clenching, or TMJ Disorders. It affects how a patient chews, talks, and also hinders any activities that involve the movement of the jaws affecting their daily routine.


Quick treatments for Jaw pain

  • Avoid eating certain foods – Refrain from eating crunchy, chewy, and hard foods to reduce the strain on the jaws for faster healing.
  • Use a moist heat pack – It can improve the function of the jaw while reducing the pain felt.
  • Use a cold compress – It decreases the inflammation and also numb the specific area to promote healing.
  • Take Over-the-counter medications – It helps in temporarily relieving pain and discomfort while to provide relief. But it is still advised to visit the dentist for proper diagnosis and treatments.
  • Exercise the Jaw – Use slow and gentle movements to help increase the mobility and healing of the jaw.
  • Schedule a dental appointment – Dentists can give proper diagnosis and treatments that can get rid of the pain for good.

Different oral pains need different treatments. We at Ambler Dental Care offer different kinds of treatments and services to treat our patient’s oral issues for their relief as well as comfort for a better overall health condition.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We offer Tooth and Jaw Pain Relief in Ambler, PA. Book your appointment with us at Ambler Dental Care and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth! Visit us at 602 South Bethlehem Pike, Suite C-2 Ambler, PA 19002.

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